Feminism today

I have always adored a Maya Angelou and wanted to be a Watson. Too soon I realized I was impressed by the vindications of Wollstonecraft. Well trust me I won’t disappoint you. Every single piece of literature I have been through I couldn’t help but notice the inequality amongst the sexes. I have seen no Krishna arrive for the black, naxal woman Draupadi who stood strong on her grounds raped and bled as she sweat disgust and spat, cursing the clan of baboons. She is her own “Krishna”. “They” are those men who dare not let a woman grow cause it would challenge their monarchy. They would worship her chastity and keep her to breed lambs. You ask why I’m a feminist?? Well I choose to answer that fair square on your face. You represent the men who mauls a woman on street who snarls like a bunch of hungry wolves and still you smirk at a “feminist “.
A Bennet sister who chooses to keep her pride rather than bow down to the mercy of a man to take her as his wife. She is revered upon. “Dattani” who settles for a “bravely fought the manly queen”, basically we allude the terms “battles” and “wars” with men. To the extent we speak of Rani Laxmibai and how she fought bravely like a man, let’s remove the word “man” there you go she fought bravely and we definitely need no simile here. Yes, I’m allergic being called by my husband’s surname. I haven’t asked for it. I was born out of a wedlock of a man and a woman but, I never attained my mother’s surname. This is where feminism is called upon. Feminism is definitely not a trend and neither it is a fashion to be worn and carried about. You must realize the need and the essence of it. Too many battles were fought and today we are independent still it’s the woman who wants to stretch hands and reach out since she is the caged bird whose slightest dare to sing the songs of freedom is forced to shut up. The battle of the sexes won’t stop and neither will the society stop shaming a divorcee, a raped victim, and an unmarried girl. I have problems with my parents teaching me to “accept.” I have problems with the bunch of abusers on social media slut shaming a girl and she is forced to stay quiet for the greater good. I don’t want showers of sympathy or debates on dowry because I believe the word “Dowry” shouldn’t exist in the dictionary. I repeat giving birth doesn’t make you a woman. You are wonderful otherwise and the seeds of your fertility lies not in your definition. I would never be a wife like Sita, instead I pick the haughty Draupadi whose birth from the flames of fire would consume mankind in a ferocious battle and would only restitute till I wash my hair with the blood of my defiler. I repeat I’m an independent woman of 21st century and if I choose to come out of the female quarters as a destitute, I know I shall grow someday, and be the pride of women. Thus, I define feminism and choose to be a feminist rather than being a lamb slaughtered for decades.
-Shramana Ganguly

Scarlet letter

Oh!! Scarlet letter ,
Shouldn’t thou had let me know ?
That pink was lost and that I should grow
Oh!! Scarlet letter ,
Did thou take the wrong road?? For
I waited and waited till morn faded,
But dusk never returned so!!
Oh!! scarlet letter ,
does thou know, that faith lies in the
shamble gates where hung thine ties?
Oh!! scarlet letter ,
With that heart of rose, did thou
find spring in the messages told?
Oh!! scarlet letter ,
Don’t do it the way thou art told.
Fly high, fly high ,
Where remorse is smited by goodbyes.
Fly till then and wave back to thy sleeping friends,
I’ll wait for thou on my window pane.

Insane generation

Blind compassions, a tint of lust
Takes the restless soul to hasten it up.
When time seduces anxiety,
and desires are nothing but clay and dust.
Future unpredictable,
Present so tense,
Why, ravage the innocence with pain?
Trust be fake,
Emotions are hollow.
Hope be shudderred,
Narrowed are dreams that compels them to drift apart.
Promises are unkept,
Love is lost.
Why go looking for a hunted heart?
Nights mourned, days searched
Eyes, new to broken hearts.
All these are excuses to calm the generation gap.

The virgin rose

The smoke aside

An infidelity tasted and moaned

Thorns plucked and scattered

So was I finally lying down there??

She granted me the flow of effervescence,

I sat back in admiration of those veins

Till those teeth clawed her down to the floor

Cold as steel breaking down the icy bosom

A heaven inside, a burn rippling her throat .

Those dews flawing her chastity

So screamed she in exuberance

The tongue tasted her innocence

Till the hue faded and explored

The scent creeping past her petals

All lay folded as he touched her

In ways more than one…

So where did it began??

All her fine curves

The flawless skin

Her neat breasts

The splendour rest

Traveling all those places

Rested in one

Till I stained the flower

Ravaged and damaged

Red as the bleeding rose

She lay there beneath my carass

Naked but loved

I kissed her faintly

The day broke

She was worth falling in love.

Broken heart

confined love,

The angels scream,

To dawn that wakens our souls,

And dirt returns to dusk.

From hence did the lyre sing a song,

The tune broken but lasted long.

From stinging pains, to chaotic days.

From heavens did the verse shine,

Stars are long, poems not hold

What lies underneath is not old.

Gather!gather! all your thoughts,

And blow it away with winds and chords.

Of all the while,

Till the sun sets in the wild,

Did i see the last dusk.

And there was she standing,

With a broken heart.

Dirt and blood

Of gentle minds and harsh wrath,

Condemned to hell our spirits turned to ash.

To the corners of dark where light no longer lingers,

The void seemed empty with lust,

That stretched it apart.

It’s the pain that rips it off.

The bruises that cries with her in the dusk.

The bed so tidy bled with an innocence,

Destroyed, to furnish you in vain.

Consent is not what you bothered to listen.

It’s your manliness, in need of rain

Upon that shower did a girl wash her sins,

While you stared at those lines,

Summoned will she be once more to that sheet

that will boast about a greed.